own thoughts of what to write here confuses me. There are so many
directions that we can go... so where do I go from here? I am from South
East MA. Rasin' Hell, Rock Crawlin, Snowboarding, Horseback Riding,
Shooting, Camping and having abnormally gigantic fires are the things I
find enjoyable. But that is not all, aside form the action, there is a
'woman' side to me. I enjoy home made/made in USA products, crafts, DIY,
gardening and unusual findings/repurposes.*After recently hitting 3
tree's on my Ducati motorcycle, I am home and starting to feel a bit
better. Between the 4x broken back, 3x broken arm, broken pelvis in 1/2,
44 units of blood, 20+ surgeries, losing a kidney & the other 300
pages of medical talk - I am ready for the pain to go away. Hopefully I
get some inspiration from Tumblr this fall. I am looking forward to
getting my spirits up.

28th October 2012

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Working today.

Working today.

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